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I consider myself a generalist in graphic design, adapting to various print and digital media designs. The early days of my career began with Eyemart Express, and now I am currently with the ScottsMiracle-Gro, supporting their AeroGarden brand with packaging, email, social, and other miscellaneous projects.

ScottsMiracle-Gro - AeroGarden

Moving on from the City of Pittsburg, I got the pleasure of continuing my freelancing to a long contract with Scotts-Miracle Gro to support their Next Gen brand, AeroGarden. Here I got to dabble in UX/UI by concepting the user experience for their new smart grow lights. Also, I put my packaging experience back to work with new packaging designs for two new products and contributed to many miscellaneous projects as needed.

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Coming Soon Neon Light

I transferred from Aaron Brothers to our mothership company, Michaels, in 2015, where I specialized in our circular department. I also helped out with concept design and direct mailers while assisting with art direction at photoshoots. 

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Aaron Brothers was my longest tenure employer and where I grew in a lot of various print and digital media. Creating package designs, newspaper inserts, store experience signage is just the top of the extensive projects I got to work on with them.

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TCRS has been one of my regular freelance clients in recent years. I've done brochures, magazine ads, trade-show graphics on an as-needed basis.

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I've done various freelance work ranging from updating datasheets for United Rentals, creating the yearly membership directory to TXCPA, and fly sheets for apartment complexes. Typically my freelance work is one off's of a few regular clients since my full-time jobs keep me fairly busy. 

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